Demo Bottoming For Wintersong

Many of my classes include a demonstration portion, and I am often on the lookout for demo people for upcoming events. Demo bottoming is a great way to get a great firsthand experience of the class, support the community, and impress the hell out of your friends.

A few things demoing for me IS:

  • An opportunity to get experience being in front of an audience (great for exhibitionists too!)
  •  A fabulous way to earn my eternal gratitude
  • Entirely within your control
    • I’ll ask for and expect feedback before and during class and will respect boundaries and limits, whether pre-arranged or in the moment

What demoing for me ISN’T:

  • A scene
    • My driving goal during a class is to convey good information to my audience, and I want that to be important to you too. I can be somewhat focused and dispassionate during teaching, and it isn’t going to be about having a hot time.
  • Something you should be doing against your own desires
    • I have had reluctant demo bottoms ordered to participate by their tops without telling me. If this is not something you want to be doing and I don’t have that info, you and your top are non-consensually involving me in your scene.
  • A good time to be tough/stubborn
    • If you are having problems of any kind during a demo, tell me.

In addition to these key points, I believe strongly in the Demo Bottom’s Bill of Rights, which was written by Tristan Taormino & Sarah Sloane and is reprinted on with permission.

So if we’re going to be in the same place at the same time and you think you might want to lend a hand (or something else) for one of the classes listed below, just drop me a note.

Currently Seeking:

NELA Fetish Flea #46, Providence RI –

Saturday 2/13/16 for Formicophilia Fun

Formicophilia Fun is an intro-level class about kink and BDSM play involving worms and insects. I’ve got one vulva-having demo bottom, and I *can* self demo for penis-having techniques. But I’d love to have one or two penis-having, and perhaps one more vulva-having, demo bottoms at hand as well.

The in-class demo will feature fly larve, mealworms/superworms, and small earthworms. For other things like crickets, ants, etc I plan to have some visual aides rather than the real thing.


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