General/Academic Bio

Jacket & Tie offset largeE. Winter/Wintersong Tashlin ( is an presenter, activist, shaman, and photographer with over a decade of experience running rituals and teaching classes that range from private one-on-one instruction, to conferences and events accross the United States United States. Topics he presents on include alternative sexuality & BDSM, spirituality, magic, queer/LGBT issues, polyamory, and disability management. He is a past associate editor for the The Bilerico Project, and the assistant produce for Dark Odyssey Events. Winter’s ritual work particularly focuses around rites of personal transformation, and he is a founder and council member of Clan Tashlin, a magical and spiritual order built around a unique relationship between people and the energies of the world around us. He was keynote speaker for Transcending Boundaries Conference 2014, and his writing and photography have appeared in a wide range of LGBT and pagan publications. Winter has also appeared in television documentaries featuring topics such as polyamory, spirituality, and genital integrity in both the United States and Great Britain.

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