I am a servant of a deity of the Mistress of the Forest Fire, a goddess of productive destruction. We are in a lifetime M/s relationship and Her collar is permanently marked in my flesh. I officially entered Her service in February 1999, and suspect that I will spend the rest of my natural life figuring out exactly what that means.

Additionally, I underwent an extended death and rebirth cycle, punctuated by four elemental ordeals overseen by my Lady and the Norse goddess Hel as part of my shamanic journey. Trust me, the whole thing was a lot less fun and exciting than it sounds, and a lot more unpleasant.

My shamanic work and my magical work are distinct and separate parts of my life although there are points of cross-over.

In my capacity as shaman there are a number of services to the community that I offer:


My divination supplies are always with me as I travel, and I make sure to allow time in my schedule to see clients for readings. The majority of my readings are done with a specialized divination system developed in conjunction with several of my teachers. This method provides levels of detail and information not available in some other systems. My background is in runic divining, and I still offer rune readings to followers of the Norther Tradition or NT deities.

I also see clients at my home for divination, and am willing to travel specifically for that purpose if my travel expenses and needs are seen to. I do not do readings free of charge as experience has shown that people do not value what they do not pay for, but I am always willing to negotiate barter of supplies or services in exchange for readings. On a case-by-case basis I will do divination over the phone or Skype.

If you would like to schedule a reading, particularly if you are planning to meet up with me while I am traveling, please be sure to give me ample warning as reading slots have been known to fill up quickly.

Ordeal/Catharsis/Transformative Rituals

I draw on diverse backgrounds in ritual construction and a variety of BDSM techniques, as well as my other shamanic and magical experience to design and execute ordeal rituals for a range of spiritual needs. Sometimes people are looking inward, for personal growth or to overcome obstacles. Other times these types of rituals are done in the service of a particular deity or deities. I work with a number of other trained crew people and ordeal masters to provide a powerful and often life-changing experience. My circle of friends and colleagues also includes masters who do this work from a different perspective, and when I am not the right person to perform a ritual I can often help point a client in the direction of someone who is.

Spiritual Cleansing

Employing a range of techniques and working either alone or in conjunction with any number of other spiritual experts I cleanse and purify homes, areas, and objects that have any number of issues. Whenever possible I’ll work within your traditions and symbol sets to address your needs.

Individual or Group Guided Meditation/Journey Work

Guiding people through spiritual journey work or exploratory directed meditation is an area that holds particular interest to me. Much the way that ritual facilitation allows me to help someone explore and grow in their spiritual identity, this work, whether one-on-one or in a group setting places me in a position to nurture and guide people who may be seeking inner knowledge or to facilitate a connection with the spirits and the universe.

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